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One of my favorite things about being in the states is the accessibility of Mac N Cheese and pickles.

These ones particularly are at Steuben’s in Denver’s uptown district.


Have you tried Lola’s Cookies? Well, if you haven’t you probably should. They are moist and deliciously perfect and authentic American cookies.

You can get all of the classic American tastes delivered to you in Paris, which is absolutely to die for. Founded by two Americans gone Parisian (one of which is Lindsey from Lost in Cheeseland), Lola’s Cookies does orders for pick up or delivery in Paris— and is perfect for get togethers such as tea parties or birthdays! Two of my personal favorites, Snickerdoodle and Sugar cookies, were the stars of the tea party pictured above.

Are you tempted? Check out their website and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Instagram (and of course drool over all of the sugar deliciousness)!

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I’m on my way home for some big family events.

So excited to see the Rockies.

And all of the familiar faces.

It’s been a pinch too long.

Isn’t it refreshing to go back to your roots?