Direction: la Pointe pour le mariage de Clémence et François. I lived in Normandy for a year of high school, but I had never been to THIS part of Normandy. This is all the way up there, Normandy. This part of Normandy you can bet you’re bottom dollar you’ll have zero cell service and when you do it’ll be a notification welcoming you to the United Kingdom, which definitely made for a good laugh. To situate what the French often call La Pointe (sometimes a general term, adaptable for other regions too, like Bretagne), but this one is up northwest of Cherbourg.

The sun was out, the skies were blue. The religious ceremony was in the sweetest little church in a town next to the seaside and what some call the smallest port of France, Port Racine. And then we followed the bride and the groom – who were in a rad & sporty vintage convertible – to nearby botanical gardens where the vin d’honneur and dinner took place over sunset,  it was all just dreamy as can be. The salty seaside air made our hair wavy and thick, and we feasted and danced with the newlyweds.

The next morning we drove up around the tiny roads along the foggy coast before heading back to Paname, it all felt very untouched, which I think most definitely adds to its charm. More Norman summer weekends? I think yes.