I’m sorry I’ve been posting so little. I’ve been getting back in the game of documenting like I used to, to share on here experiences and places I find beautiful and charming and worth a mention.

I took my summer break later than most of my coworkers. It weirdly makes summer seam longer, and there’s something satisfying about leaving when everyone else is starting to come back. We went to Ile Tudy for two weeks. This place is magic, even if you never know how the weather will be. I know I’ve shared photos of this place before, because, well, I find this breton vacation home built by my boyfriend’s grandfather is just charming as fuck, and it is the epitome of what I would consider to be the ideal time off…. the perfect opportunity to disconnect and live in the present. The ocean out the front door, one big pièce à vivre for meals that last hours, game nights and good conversation with family and friends, and of course absolutely no schedule whatsoever. I pre-downloaded heaps of podcasts, brought a book or two and we traded phone and wifi habits for card and dice games.