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I must fully disclose that the list below of recommendations comes completely from my pal Liz, as these are the places she took me. Anyone who knows Liz knows that the gal has great taste.

What a fun city. I mean really. There are just good vibes, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is specifically. Maybe it’s the proximity to the seaside, the charming tram ways that are weirdly unreliable. Or the pioneer startups that occupy the city, that entrepreneurial vibe. Or maybe that boozy karaoke on Monday nights at The Knockout. Or the fact that one of my favorite humans lives there. Maybe the hills, the fresh air and the year-round ideal-weather-to-dress-for climate, the donuts. A mix of it all…

We kept it cultural by hitting up the Walt Disney Family Museum on the first day of my 4-day visit. I was not so into the $25 ticket price but holy smokes I can’t express how worth it it is. Walt Disney, the man, not the company, is super interesting. There is a lot to learn about how he made Disney what it is today, and boy did he seem like a rad fella. We dined & strolled on repeat, bought Korean beauty products and sat in front of the Painted Ladies after hitting 10k steps at one point, and figurez-vous that were even lucky enough to experience the warmest of autumn days that was perfect for a stroll on the Ocean Beach.

Just a side note though, no breakfast out beats a breakfast at home with your bestie.

AGGREGATE SUPPLY // Industrial-chic boutique on Valencia St.
AsiaSF // Asian-fusion restaurant with drag dinnershows
BI-RITE CREAMERY // Ice cream joint
BOB’S DONUTS // Donut joint that opened in the 1960s
GENERAL STORE // Gift shop in Outer Sunset supporting local artisans
HOOK FISH CO.// Seafood joint in Outer Sunset
KEN KEN RAMEN // Japanese restaurant
KNOCKOUT // Dive bar with Karaoke on Monday nights. Wish this place existed in Paris.
NAPOLITO // Sustainable organic Mexican restaurant
PAXTON GATE CURIOSITIES // Wonderful shop of randomness on Valencia St.
SOUVLA // Lively Greek place with sandwiches & salads
TWIRL & DIP // Organic soft-serve ice cream
WALT DISNEY FAMILY MUSEUM // Museum dedicated to the Disney family and it’s amazing

I’m sorry I’ve been posting so little. I’ve been getting back in the game of documenting like I used to, to share on here experiences and places I find beautiful and charming and worth a mention.

I took my summer break later than most of my coworkers. It weirdly makes summer seam longer, and there’s something satisfying about leaving when everyone else is starting to come back. We went to Ile Tudy for two weeks. This place is magic, even if you never know how the weather will be. I know I’ve shared photos of this place before, because, well, I find this breton vacation home built by my boyfriend’s grandfather is just charming as fuck, and it is the epitome of what I would consider to be the ideal time off…. the perfect opportunity to disconnect and live in the present. The ocean out the front door, one big pièce à vivre for meals that last hours, game nights and good conversation with family and friends, and of course absolutely no schedule whatsoever. I pre-downloaded heaps of podcasts, brought a book or two and we traded phone and wifi habits for card and dice games.

Rouen is just over an hour train ride northwest of Paris, on a map you just follow the Seine all the way up towards the English Channel and you’re bound to stumble across this adorable normande town. I have some fun memories of Rouen as it was the closest city to the town where I spent a year of high school. I remember taking the bus in with friends to go shopping, walk around, go clubbing, all those things adventurous teenagers do. Going back as an adult makes me realized that during those trips I unfortunately didn’t soak the beauty in… what a beauty Rouen is!

Rouen is the capital of Normandy, and you probably have heard about it’s gothic cathedral at some point or another, as impressionist Claude Monet painted a series of it in the late 19th century (psssst sometimes at night they project his paintings onto the facade of the actual cathedral). Its beautifully colorful maisons à colombage that line the streets, and there are many adorable passageways to be discovered. The pictures shared here are from a recent trip there with my mom.

CITIZEN // Coffee shop
CATHÉDRALE DE NOTRE DAME // Iconic cathedral
L’ESPLIGUETTE // French restaurant
JACOTTE ET JAVOTTE // Antique store

Colorado is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The richness of the views in almost any direction, or climate, are breathtaking. Being home for the holidays was the perfect excuse to take it all in, and let my mind reminisce the simple times. It’s a funny feeling, being somewhere so familiar with your lover for whom, despite being several times, it will always be so new. Something as simple as driving unexpectedly down a certain street or passing a random food chain can ignite crazy memories of teenage shenanigans. I often think about my pre-teen and teenage life in the Rockies, and about all the things I did and experienced, and how its all shaped me to be the woman I am today. I also wonder sometimes what my life would be like had I never left for a year abroad in France when I was 16. Not that I have any regrets at all whatsoever, but sometimes I wonder what kind of woman I would have become.

I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. Haven’t posted since November, ouch. WELL, since November a lot has gone down. One of the highlights to top off a rather, well, odd year, was to have a stopover on our way to Denver for the holidays, in the one and only Reykjavík! Iceland has been on my list, but I can’t consider it checked off because I still want to go back and rent a car and explore, BUT Reykjavík was a hoot.

I drew my initial tips from Ashlae (thank you, girl!). What a neat town Reykjavík is. It’s charming and as many know, damn expensive. Imagine, they have to import like everything. Those iconic sweaters are not cheap! I do recommend sucking it up and going if you have the chance though.

With 2 nights and just about 36 hours, we were able to see more than all of Reykjavík. However, depending on the time of year you go, you’ll get more or less daylight. In mid-December, the sun came up around 11am and went down about 3pm, which was a bit hard to get used to, but charming nonetheless as we didn’t plan on venturing out of the city this [short] trip. We didn’t bother exchanging any Icelandic Krona, because we were told by friends that literally everywhere takes card, which was true.

The city center is about a 45-minute bus ride from the airport, and super easy to figure out and book (we went with FlyBus). Downtown almost reminded me of a mix between what I would assume to be a Nordic style and a mountain town: low colorful buildings with shops up and down the main drag with adorable signs hanging out the front. If you stroll along the street called Skólavörðustígur (good luck pronouncing that one), you’ll also get a rad view of the Hallgrimskirkja in the distance (that sort of apocalypic looking church), which, fun fact, was only built in 1986! If you go to the top of it, you can soak in a view of the colorful roofs of the city (no reservations needed in advanced, you just show up and buy tickets in the gift shop that is weirdly inside the church, and then wait in line to go up the elevator). My favorite part about Reykjavík was just the aimless wandering and stopping in places to eat and drink, and you’ll notice quickly there aren’t that many chains besides Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts downtown (although on the bus ride back to the airport, I was super excited to see a drive-thru Taco Bell). The restaurant scene seemed just charming and cozy, with great decor and furniture and healthy meal options (very vegetarian and vegan friendly!). And yes we found local craft beer.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur // Hot dog stand
Café Babalú // Café & Restaurant
Geysir // Dreamy local shop where you’ll want to buy everything
Reykjavík Roasters // Coffee shop
Sandholt // Bakery, great for lunch
Skúli Craft Beer Bar // Craft beer & good vibes

Until next time, Iceland!